When audio/video metadata is not st beginning of file, look at the end

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Jun 18, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
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Steps to reproduce

In Chrome/Firefox/Safari when playing an video or audio file using the HTML5 elements, if the source file’s metadata is not found at the beginning of the file, and the server’s response headers advertise support for byte range requests, Chrome/Firefox/Safari request the end of the file and look for the metadata there. If found at the end of the file, they can start playback without downloading the entire file first.

In IE/Edge, if the metadata is not found at the beginning of the file, the browser just keeps downloading the entire file until it reaches the end, and then it starts playing. If the file is 500 MBs in size, the entire file needs be downloaded before playback can begin in IE/Edge.

This results in a weaker user experince in IE/Edge. The MS Edge team talks about interoperability a lot lately (Awesome!) this is one area where users would see a big benefit from better interoperability.



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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “By design”

    • Thank you for the feedback. This feedback falls under a
      feature or design change request. We are currently tracking these types of
      issues via our ‘Windows Feedback / Feedback Hub’ application.

         To access Windows Feedback please do the

            -  Click on the start
      button and type 'Feedback’. Cortana will locate the feedback application
      for you.

            -  Launch the Windows
      Feedback / Feedback Hub application

            -  Please search
      existing feedback. If you find your issue, upvote it.

            -  If you are the
      first to make this suggestion click on the “Add new feedback” button at the
      bottom of the window and provide your suggestion.


      Best regards,

      The Microsoft Edge Team

    • Hi, thanks for your response. Is there a web based version of Windows Feedback? (I Googled for it, but just got articles with the same steps you have provided.)

      I’m a web developer, and don’t personally have a copy of Windows I can access. We’ve noticed (and received customer feedback) that videos can take a lot longer to play in Internet Explorer and MS Edge than other browsers. We did some testing, and found this was the cause, which is why I submitted it as an issue here.

      I’d love to submit it through the proper channel, is that possible without having a Windows OS available?

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