It is very easy to destroy/invade/modify EDGE and Windows with a virus/spyware/trojan, etc.

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Jun 20, 2016
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Ahh life … I wanted to download on these torrent sites the soundtrack of the film Alexander from 2004, so I ended up downloading a .ISO with only 4 MB, i open it inside the IZarc, and got confused thinking that a file inside the iso would be a folder … but it was a executable, and contaminated!

This plague has installed various softwares in my computer with Windows 10, fast Windows Defender detected the virus, but I had to manually terminate the installers via TaskManager, and go to the folder and delete the installer of these parasitic software, i.e. I manually did a better job than Windows Defender, which is practically useless and stupid.

Not only this, got several traces of installation files, which I had to manually delete too, because Windows installed programs manager does not allow you to detect and delete invalid entries, so I did it via Regedit.exe manually, but until you search something in Regedit, when he does not find what you want in the registry. THE REGEDIT.EXE CRASH!!!

Here is the list of infected programs designed to invade computers, and also some fake versions of famous software, first the website who redirects your browser: (website)
caster (software)
max driver (software)
trotux (FF extension)
Microsoft Silverlight (a fake version, of course)
adobe flash player (a fake version, of course)
skype 7.21 (a fake version, of course)

These software release ports on Windows Firewall, auto add in the startup of Windows, and install together other contaminated software, as you see, from only a single file, he installed 6 programs and also contaminated the ads on the Edge with a website called “” that redirects you to other ad sites.

Now, take all this information and send to the responsible teams. In my opinion Microsoft should invest more in protection and auto-fix, you guys leave all this to third parties software companies. Another thing, the SuperAntiSpyware software is the best for removing this trash, IOBIT Malware Fighter is terrible and the SpyBot Search and Destroy is average, but has good tools for other functions, I think that Microsoft should buy the SuperAntiSpyware and merge it with Windows Defender.

Here’s the website (I’m not connected to them):


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    • Other bad adware link :

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