Focus doesn't go back to editbox

Not reproducible Issue #7972422


Konstantin _.
Jun 23, 2016
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  • Internet Explorer
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Steps to reproduce

Open Microsoft Inspect tool ( )
Choose ‘MSAA’ mode , not UI Automation !
Check ‘Follow Focus’
Uncheck ‘Follow Cursor’
Open any web page with editbox for instance:
Click on the search box.
Right click / Press context menu
Choose ‘Paste’
The focus is not returned back to the editbox however keyboard events do go to the editbox.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Ibrahim O.”

      Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

    • Thank you for your feedback. We have been unsuccessful reproducing this issue on MS Edge. If you have reported this feedback for IE, we’re not presently working on feature bugs in Internet Explorer outside of security-related issues. Since the issue is not repro on our end, I will go ahead and close this bug as not repro, but if you see the issue persists, please feel free to reopen this bug or open a new feedback along with more details such as environment, platforms with build and version numbers.

      All the best,
      The MS Edge Team

    • Hello,
      It is an IE bug only.
      I chose ‘Found in IE’ , maybe it doesn’t appear clearly on your side.

      What do you mean you are not working on IE features ?
      Does it mean that IE development is stopping ?

    • No, IE development is not stopping, but has slowed down. The only way to get a fix put in for IE at the moment is to setup a premier contract with Microsoft.  Also note this is the MS Edge Issue tracker. We are focused on feedback and bugs on Edge exclusively.

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