HTML5 post message API does not work in All IE versions for cross-domain JavaScript communication between browser tabs/windows.Alternatives like messageChannel API also does not work in this scenario.

Fixed Issue #798764


Sep 5, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

  1. setup two different domains eg. and
  2. setup one domain as a parent tab/window say ,and using a user href to another domain say open the other domain in a new tab/window .
  3. add the recieveMessage event listener in one domain say eg . window.addEventListener('message’, recieveMessage, false)
  4. try to send a message from the child tab/window (in another domain to the parent tab/window say using the postMessage API.

This should work like it does in all other browsers supporting HTML5 postMessage API’s

Expected Results:

The post message should work smoothly for cross domain communication between browser tabs/windows in IE.

Actual Results:

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    • this issue is marked as resolved but I am finding that the first postMessage issued from a child window to the parent doesn’t consistently dispatch.

      for example, I have the following parent page:

      Parent window

      and the following child page:

      Child window

      what should happen is that upon clicking the button in the parent document, a new (child) window should be opened. upon loading the child window should post a message to the parent window, which will generate an alert. this is not happening, however, unless I click the button again (launching a second child window), at which point I get the alert I expected to indicate the page is loaded and subsequently, the parent document will post a message to the child and an alert will be present in the child window.

      because it felt like a timing issue I tried to experiment with using setTimeout (at 0, 1000 and 10000 thresholds) and window.opener.postMessage, but the behavior remains the same (first child window does not post the message; subsequently launched child windows do).

      it feels to me now that there is still a small bug left with this implementation. it is only an issue when opening a cross-origin resource via – when using an iframe instead of, this effect is not exhibited.

      can someone at please confirm this is a bug (even if there will be no effort made to address it given Edge’s ascension)? we still have customers that prefer IE and I need to determine how best to workaround this issue.


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