Edge not injecting extension stylesheets on first load

Duplicate Issue #7996816 • See Issue #9850430


Ben M.
Jun 25, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

Edge is not injecting stylesheets properly on first load for browser extensions. With “run_at” set at "document_start". On first attempt to load an extension it can fail doing so and a page refresh is required. But if the extension remains installed after page loads and browser restarts this does not happen. Only on browser first load. The same extension running on Chrome/Firefox does not have this issue.

An example can be seen here: https://i.imgur.com/TeTE5r4.png

Stylesheets aren’t loaded correctly and causes page breakage, after a refresh it works as intended.

It is also possible to cause this by clearing all browser cookies/cache (all options) in the clear browsing data and restart the browser.

Setting “run_at” to “document_end” in the manifest gives a better visualization of the problem. Page loads, extension loads then stylesheets are left behind.

An extension test case is attached and is best tested on google. Load the extension in and browse to google. Then refresh the page. On first browse the background will stay normal, after a refresh it will go red. On other browsers the change does not require a page refresh.


Comments and activity

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

    Changed Status to “Fixed”

  • This appears to be fixed in the latest version of Win 10. I tested version 14395. We will close out the item as fixed to reflect this testing.

    Thank you for the feedback on Extensions for Edge and we look forward to more feedback from you going forward. Also, please accept our apologies for taking so long to get back to you on this item.

    Best regards,
    The MS Edge Team

  • Thanks Brad, is it possible to ping you internally to discuss this issue some more?

  • Is the fix for this in 14915?

  • Changed Status from “Fixed”

  • Issue is now re-producible in 14986.

  • Also repro in 14393

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

  • Yes feel free to reach out to me at your earliest convenience. Thanks again for reporting / reactivating.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

    Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

    Changed Status from “Not reproducible”

    Changed Assigned To from “Brad E.” to “Scott L.”

    Changed Status to “Confirmed”

    Changed Status from “Confirmed” to “Not reproducible”

  • Hi Ben,
    Thanks for filing this bug. I took a look at this today, and unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce the behavior you’re seeing. I may be misunderstanding the repro steps, however, so it would be great if you could help me understand a few things:

    The steps I’m following to reproduce the issue are as follows: 1) Open Edge (from a closed state) to the Start page; 2) Sideload the extension you provided; 3) Navigate to Google.com. At this point, I see a red background as expected, however, from the bug description, I believe I should be seeing a white background until next refresh. Is that correct? If so, then I’m not able to reproduce this issue on the latest Windows Insider Preview build (14986), nor 14393. If I’m missing a step in the repro, please let me know and I’ll give it another shot!

    You also mentioned that the issue seems to be related to document_start, however, in your test extension, I do not see a “run_at” key specified in the manifest. I tried the same steps above with both “document_start” and “document_end” specified and was also not able to see the behavior you described; Google’s background turned red immediately after I navigated to it after installing the extension on a first-launch of the browser. I also tried clearing all internet data between launches of Edge like you suggested, but again, I wasn’t able to reproduce any out of the ordinary behavior.

    If you can still reproduce this issue, it would be great to have any additional information on your machine (such as whether you have any other extensions installed) as well clarification on the repro steps. Thanks again!

  • Changed Status from “Not reproducible”

  • Hi Scott,

    I have linked below two repro gifs of the issue appearing on Edge, but being non existent on Chrome. I have also attached a gif of the issue in a Edge Extension, in this case Reddit Enhancement Suite 5.3.0.

    Tested on:
    Chrome 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit)
    Microsoft Edge 39.14986.1000.0 (EdgeHTML 15.14986)

    Repro steps for Edge as shown in gif:

    1. Go to google.com with extension disabled
    2. Enable Extension
    3. Refresh Google.com – Note on first refresh page will not turn red.
    4. Refresh Google.com again – Note it will now turn red.

    In Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox the background turns red on first refresh, two are not needed.

    Edge Gif: https://gfycat.com/ClutteredInsignificantIndianpangolin
    Chrome Gif: https://gfycat.com/FlawlessDamagedIchneumonfly
    Real World Scenario Gif (Reddit Enhancement Suite): https://gfycat.com/HopefulSomberDoe

    I am free to help with the issue if further info is needed.


  • Hi Ben, thanks for the gifs! I didn’t realize I had to be on Google before enabling the extension. Enabling it and then navigating there seemed to resolve the issue for me, which is why I wasn’t able to reproduce it earlier. I’ve approved this bug and will assign it to a developer for further investigation. Thanks again!

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Scott S.”

    Changed Status to “Duplicate”

  • This bug has marked as duplicate. Please follow the parent issue to get new updates.

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