Edge randomly losing last session / tabs

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Martin S.
Jul 14, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

Unfortunately I cannot tell you any specific steps to reproduce since it seems to be random.

I’m using Edge browser at office and at home for some development stuff. Mainly for all the Microsoft services.

But a few times a week the browser is loosing my session and all tabs are gone.
This week already happened 3 times on my office PC.

It also seems to happen every time when Windows updates were installed. But this is not the only time.

Both PCs are running with Windows 10 Pro up-to-date (but not preview).

Current Edge version: 25.10586.0.0


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    • I have found the steps to reproduce this issue:

      1. Have a session with some tabs open.
      2. Close Edge
      3. Open a .htm file from Windows Explorer
        -> Edge starts a new session with only that single file open.
        -> Previous session is gone

      Expected behaviour:
      Edge should open the previous session and attach the selected (htm) file to the session as a new tab.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “By design”

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    • I have forgotten to mention, that the above described steps are only ONE cause of loosing the session. And yes, that might be more a feature request.

      BUT: There is minimum one another cause which leads to this issue!

      The last two days I also lost my session when launched Edge via task bar shortcut right after starting my PC.

    • I keep REALLY trying to love Edge and stop using Chrome but Edge simply isn’t ready for prime time. This happens to me very frequently and I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it. Yet Chrome performs rock solid for me.
      Microsoft… ping me when you’ve got it ready. In the meantime…

    • The same for me. Edge randomly fails to recover last session. I’m using several browsers, Edge, Opera and Chrome, and I have ‘restore previous session’ active on all of them. But Edge is the only one that repeatedly have a 'memory loss’. There’s various user actions that causes loss of last session on all of them, but I believe I got that down by now. The other browsers are very reliable, I can predict their behavior, but not Edge. With every tenth or so restart of the browser, the previous session is completely lost.

    • The restore session is not functioning for me either. Just started happening last week.
      No matter what I do Edge opens with the start page even if ‘previous pages’ is selected.
      Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0

    • Why does Microsoft push / force you to use Edge and then when you do it does not perform.
      Internet Explorer worked fine, did everything I wanted. Edge loses web pages when you go back to previous sessions. The favourites bar won’t configure properly, will only show stars not icons ( have tried all the ‘fixes’ none work! ).
      Well Microsoft I have tried using Edge, does not cut it with me, shall use Google Chrome from now on!!!

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