An unneeded prompt to confirm execution of a script may be shown while opening IE11 InPrivate Browsing ...

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Sep 11, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

After an Administrator user has enabled Protected Mode for Internet Zone that is also set for Customized settings, while Advanced Protected Mode is also enabled in IE11 Advanced Options, and when ‘Active Scripting’ and ‘Scripting of Java programs’ options for Internet Zone are set to Prompt, open IE11 InPrivate Browsing and IE11 immediately asks user to confirm about his/her willingness to execute a script, as soon as IE11 window opens and even before showing the InPrivate Browsing confirmation message.
If F12 Developer tools Debugger is opened after seeing standard InPrivate Browsing confirmation message and page is then refreshed again with F5 (or CTRL+F5), when IE11 asks user to confirm about willing to execute a script, Debugger will immediately list the message "Unable to open res://ieframe.dll/inprivate_win7.htm".
But when also checking HTML code of InPrivate Browsing confirmation message page (corresponding to res://ieframe.dll/inprivate_win7.htm via File Properties and belonging to Internet Zone) no real <script …><script/> can be found.

Expected Results:

Because res://ieframe.dll/inprivate_win7.htm HTML code contains no real <script …><script/> instructions user should never be asked to confirm confirm about his/her willingness to execute a script.
Also because there’s no way to enable IE11 Enterprise Mode for InPrivate Browsing when IE8 is opened on Windows XP Professional SP3 with all latest MU fixes (almost all of them are QFE versions) using similar settings for Internet Zone (so Protected Mode enabled in IE8 Advanced Options and ‘Active Scripting’ and ‘Scripting of Java programs’ options for Internet Zone are also set to Prompt) an Administrator user will never see any prompt.

Actual Results:

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