Enabling Microsoft Product updates via Windows Update does not work through IE 11 (on Win 7)

Issue #817821


Sep 11, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

  1. Clean, fresh Windows 7 SP1 install (install any needed drivers for PC)
  2. Run all available Windows Updates (including installation of IE 11)
    2a) Continually repeat (2) until there are no required updates left. (I do this simply so I know everything is to latest version)
  3. (Unknown/optional) Install a Microsoft Product, such as Outlook 2010
  4. Open Windows Update and click the “Find out more” link near the bottom where it says “Get updates for other Microsoft products.” (reference link in description to Technet article for screenshots, if needed)
  5. IE 11 opens and does not display the correct page. (reference link in description to Technet article for screenshots, if needed)

Expected Results:

To click the “Find out more” link for enabling updates to other Microsoft Products in the Windows Update screen and get the appropriate option to “Install” for allowing these updates without having to add microsoft.com to the compatibility view list.

Actual Results:

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