Why only IE11 needs ' allowfullscreen ' attribute in Iframe a boolean while others are not even Edge browser?

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Jungwoo K.
Jul 25, 2016
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I am using iframe to post Youtube videos and found out that only IE11 do not accept ' allowfullscreen="" ' or ' allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" ' or ' allowfullscreen="true" ' etc. Fullscreen function won’t work whatever value you put in it.

My page is using CKEditor and can not help from giving attributes certain value. At first I thought all browsers accept ' allowfullscreen ' attribute as a boolean, I started modifying CKEditor but found out that this case happens only IE11 while other browsers accept values end of that attribue even Edge browser!

So, here is my question : Why IE11 made ' allowfullscreen ' a boolean? Is there any reason? If not, I hope it would be fixed like other browsers. And it is quite frustrating to insert boolean attributes with JS.


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