blob saveAS not consistent between EDGE and IE 11

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Charles F.
Jul 28, 2016
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blob saveAS not consistent between EDGE and IE 11

I have been studying The Blob constructor as depicted in the above locations

  1. if the examples are run with Internet Explorer 11 the option to open or save as well as save as are available and it is possible

to use open separate from save. That is the good news. The bad news is that the above options work quite differently when EDGE is the browser of choice.

  1. EDGE has the option to open as well as save but it is not possible to use them separate. Also the saveAS option is not available and the file is always saved to the downloads folder. Beats me why the downloads folder is better than going directly to the place where the file should go in the first place. On top of that if the file is saved several times with the same name Edge automatically renames it by adding (1)…(n) to the file name. Whatever happened to the prompt allowing replacing the file when the name is the same?

The other bad news is that the blob constructor as shown in the above locations does not work in other browsers.

The original document.execommand( saveAS,name,true) which is only supported in IE is much better than the strange blob solution. Sadly it is destined to go away under the paranoia of security.

Charles Fisk



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