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Aug 11, 2016
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just type and you will get a blank white page. Doesn’t happen in google chrome or Firefox. Otherwise, Edge is retarded. I’m an old man. I don’t have time to wait for the spinning dot circle to stop and deliver me to a web page. It takes forever. I’m sick of it. The anniversary update did not fix the problems with Edge being slow as molasses in January. Fix it. I have tried all the suggestions on your support pages. My cache is cleared. Temporary Internet files are cleaned. I would like to uninstall Edge and re-install it.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Ibrahim O.”

    • We appreciate your feedback and sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with MS Edge. We would be happy to help you resolving your issue. 

      It appears to be the page you are trying to reach is no longer under the same URL and your browser is trying to redirect to the new one. You can directly go that page with this following link

      Having said that, we are having trouble reproducing the issue on MS Edge. To able to examine the issue could you please provide us your network trace(Steps below) this will help us investigate the issue. 

      Network Trace:
      1- Open MS Edge
      2- Open developer tools, (Press F12)
      3- Select the Network tab and then click the clear session button
      4- Visit the URL ->
      5- Click Export as HAR (Ctrl+S) button and send us the file.

      All the best,
      The MS Edge Team

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

      Changed Assigned To to “Ibrahim O.”

      Changed Status from “Not reproducible”

      Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

    • This item of feedback will be closed out soon due to inactivity. Please provide any details that you have so that we can investigate further and prevent closure of the item.

      All the best,
      The MS Edge Team 

    • I have now followed your instructions twice and I am not sure you received the .har file. Please let me know if I can attach it to this message next time. I am still getting a blank white page after following your instruction. Mike

    • Sorry for the delayed response. When you open the developer tools, and after you click on the “Network” tab you should be able to see network traffic output on that window (You need this to be able to export “HAR” file). If you don’t see anything in there please press F5 key on the keyboard or click refresh icon on your browser, then it should collect your network trace. Then you can fallow the steps given before to save your network trace, I hope this will help.

      All the best,
      The MS Edge Team 

    • I am experiencing the same problem … Win 10/64 & Edge … If I refresh the I get a white page. F12 does nothing. I can open a new tab and get the account info. If I open a new tab and then open developers tools I do get the information expected … But if I reload the account page both the browser windo and the developer tools are white paged

    • I opened a new tab hit F12 but if I select network … that too gives a white page “hang”

    • This happens on chrome as well on my end. But my Xbox loads it fine on its own edge browser built in. I usually like to earn rewards on my computer so I can tally up the points I need still to get my reward that I have on my goal.

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