File download with extension .tgz is downloaded with the wrong extension .solitairetheme8

Not reproducible Issue #8475572


Marcelo A.
Aug 12, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

Try to download the file. It should have an extension .tgz but it downloads with an extension .solitairetheme8
This file is a firmware update from Lenovo for a storage unit.
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    • The file download works correctly with Chrome

    • Microsoft Edge Team

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    • The file extension changes to .solitairetheme8 if Microsoft Solitaire Collection is installed

    • I am experiencing this problem as well, and I know of several other who are, also.

      Over 5 months and no response (or fix) from Microsoft?

    • Can this issue be reopened? It is reproducible by having Microsoft Solitaire Collection installed when attempting to download Marcelo’s file. The issue has its roots in how Microsoft Edge determines what file extension to give downloads.

    • We are no longer able to repro this issue. If you are still seeing problems, can you provide additional information? Versioning information, screenshots of the difference, etc.

    • Hi Kelly. I attempted to download a .tgz file from (The linux install) but this showed up, regardless which file, as a .solitairetheme8 file extension.

      I uninstalled solitaire so it works now. Thanks Braxton for your idea of uninstalling solitaire.

    • I got the same problem on a Windows 10 with Chrome.

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