EdgeHTML doesn't display color emoji well

Fixed, flighted Issue #8476020


Richard S.
Aug 12, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

Send yourself an email to an Exchange account with the attached Emoji list as the body. Send in both text and HTML format. Do not override the font in HTML. You can send to an Outlook.com account if you have been migrated to the new Exchange/O365 based system but if you use your @microsoft.com email you will have Exchange OWA. Do not try the Hotmail backend or Gmail both of which play games with emoji which interferes with this.

You can see the behavior from the attached screenshots. Because this system limits the number of attachments, I had to drop Chrome 52 and Edge displaying the HTML message but you can try yourself.

I’ll describe the behavior.

With a text format message using Edge 14, the emoji are displayed with Segoe UI Symbol. Color is not used. Fitzpatrick modifiers are displayed separately. With Chrome 52, Segoe UI Emoji is used but in black and white, not color. The Fitzpatrick modifiers are separate. With Chrome 54, Segoe UI Emoji is used with color with Fitzpatrick modifiers integrated. This is what Edge should be doing.

With an HTML format message using Edge 14, most emoji are displayed in color with Segoe UI Emoji but many are missed. Chrome 52 matches the text body using Segoe OE Emoji in black and white. Chrome 54 matches the text body as well using Segoe UI Emoji in color.

Chrome on Android and iOS on Safari use color emoji in both cases.


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