Google Websites are redirected to old version by filtering with User-Agent

By design Issue #8494833


Christophe L.
Aug 15, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

Google Websites are redirected to old version by filtering with User-Agent. On Mobile (TH1/TH2/RS1/RS2), search engine (and other services) are redirect to old version with very old user experience.


  1. Open Edge on Windows 10 Mobile

  2. Go to
    -> not the Android or iOS version is available, with old UX

  3. Make a text search or a picture search
    -> not the Android or iOS version is available, with old UX

If I use Fiddler or F12 developers tools, I can simulate this on my Desktop. If I override User-Agent string with Android or iPhone Uuser-Agent, I access successfully to the last version of Google website and it is working very well. So Edge can use last available version with a better UX but Google filtering their services by User-Agent.

On Desktop, User-Agent filtering are less common but some services such as Inbox are impacted.

See attachments for examples and demonstration of working.

Can you suppress this filtering or discuss with Google to fix this?

If you can’t, can you add an option to override User-Agent on Mobile? Currently it is only possible to Desktop. Previously, on Mobile this option exists in very first build of Project Spartan but it is removed after. This option is also not user friendly because it is primarily for developers, but if it is the only solution to access to last version of Google services I think a better UI for this is required.

Thank you so much!


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  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

    Changed Assigned To to “Christian F.”

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    Changed Assigned To to “ecoengie”

    Changed Status to “Site Outreach”

  • Hello,

    Can you explain the status "Site Outreach"?
    This issue is always present and reproducible.

    Best regards,

  • Reopen the issue. Thanks.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

  • Thanks for the feedback! We have reported these issues to Google. I would recommend, as a user, to report that you aren’t having a great experience. It’s always great to hear from users who are directly impacted. 

    We are always looking for ways to improve and appreciate your suggestions on having a better experience on Windows Phone.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    I’ve reported this issue to Google multiple times without any response. Despite this, you can re-implement the same option of that is previously available in the first public builds of Project Spartan (option in advanced settings to override User-Agent). Please consider that, you can do that without Google :)

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

    Changed Status from “Site Outreach” to “By design”

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