Trying to manually force an HTTP URL to open in a new tab while already in an HTTPS secured page may instead only open a blank page

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Sep 18, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Here’s an example of how to possibly reproduce 1st issue (described into title) :
1a) with 2 IE11 sessions already opened [1 run as Administrator and 4 tabs opened (1st one is about:blank), 1 as standard user and 4 tabs opened (again 1st one is about:blank] I opened another InPrivate browsing session;
1b) browsed some pages on site and ended again to have 4 tabs opened (1st one displaying about:InPrivate), last tab was opened for page ‘’ and on right side there’s a cyan backgrounded column whose heading says ‘From the Community’ (and for ' for that text quoted here’ corresponding URL is;
1c) manually left clicked ‘From the Community’ URL to force it to open in a separate tab, but only Empty Page (about:blank) gets opened.

2a) with 1 IE11 session already opened [1 run as Administrator and 4 tabs opened (1st one is about:blank)], I opened another IE11 browsing session as standard user (again 1st one is about:blank);
2b) browsed for some time into until I had 3 more tabs opened 2nd tab I opened was for page '’;
2c) after displaying many pages found I reached one containing ‘’ whose URL was '’;
2c) manually left clicked ‘’ URL to force it to open in a separate tab, but only Empty Page (about:blank) gets opened (1st attempt I did indeed showed expected URL in IE11 address bar, but resulting tab page was indeed blank and after closing such tab and making a 2nd attempt only gave Empty Page ‘about:blank’ displayed);
N.B. To even try doing a quicker repro test feel just free to use this URL ‘’ and then at bottom of 4th page you should see same earlier involved HTTPS URL.

Expected Results:

Either in 1st case (starting from within an HTTPS page) or 2nd reversed situation (starting within an HTTP page) while manually forcing IE11 to open 1) an HTTP URL or 2) an HTTPS page (while IE11 is set to use Advanced Protected mode) should display a standard security transition message (because enabled in IE11 Advanced Options) before correctly open expected URL page.
JFYI too my tests were made while having Protected Mode enabled for both Internet Zone and Trusted Sites Zone (and * already added into Trusted Sites).

Actual Results:

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