It's not easy to properly use a secondary alias of a Microsoft Account to 'Sign In' into MS Connect site

Won’t fix Issue #850233


Sep 18, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

See all steps above to reproduce issue. IE11 is set to use Advanced Protected mode and should Always display a standard security transition message (because so enabled in IE11 Advanced Options).
JFYI my tests were made while having Protected Mode enabled for both Internet Zone and Trusted Sites Zone (and *, * were already added into Trusted Sites just like any other domain I identified as always used during such MS account logon operations).

Expected Results:

Behaviour I expected from 3rd IE11 session opened was :

  • to possibly avoid me to fully re-enter again :
    • username (because I used once again same secondary alias of my MS account that was already permanently signed in 1st IE11 opened as Administrator) or at least allow me to quick select from list among those MS accounts (or secondary aliases) already used before,
    • and password like it happened in the past during my 1st IE bug submission (while I recall that my 1st IE9 session ever opened into self completed correctly),
  • and also to at least also automatically acknowledge that because my main MS account was already signed in, even after I specified a proper secondary alias and proper password (this last is in common with my main MS account still already permanently signed in) and things matched I should have not really received a ‘Login failed. Wrong username or invalid password were used’ message.

Actual Results:

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