XSLT 1.0 in Edge fails on template match which has the current() function in it

Confirmed Issue #8504431 • Assigned to Bo C.


Jacoby T.
Aug 16, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

The 4 test files should be placed in a single directory, and a webserver started against that directory. Then use your browser to open index.html and observe the messages in console.

The problem is this template match pattern:

  <xsl:template match="*[preceding-sibling::*[@name=current()/@name]]">
    <duplicate name="{@name}"/>

where if you remove the current() function, the stylesheet works ok.

This function is correctly used and is part of the XSLT1.0 specification.


Comments and activity

  • Correction: I am wrong - it is an error to use the current() function in a pattern - I just looked. This works in Chrome, webkit, xsltproc etc but according to spec it shouldn’t.


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