Opening several tabs in Edge Locks i7 Surface Book CPU to 0.53Ghz gobally [Forced Throttle]

Confirmed Issue #8634341 • Assigned to Josh P.


Bryan C.
Aug 25, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Open several tabs in edge to large websites that serve ads on an i7 Surface Book
  2. Leave them open for a while and continue to use Windows for a while
  3. CPU will end up getting throttled to 0.53Ghz, unable to go above, slowing everything to a halt.
  4. Closing Edge will allow the CPU to go back up to normal speeds (including boosted speeds of 3Ghz +).


Comments and activity

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Rico M.”

    Changed Assigned To from “Rico M.” to “Josh P.”

    Changed Status to “Confirmed”

  • This happens on my SP4 too.

  • I’m seeing this as well. I’m also seeing the same behavior when using Groove Music.

    Repro steps (Surface Pro 4, plugged in, Windows 10 version 1607)

    1. Open Groove Music
    2. Play music, streaming from Groove. Tested using a playlist.
    3. Wait and observe CPU speed. Low utilization ~12% at 1.2 Ghz, bumping around up to 2.9 Ghz.
    4. After ~7 minutes observe CPU speed throttle down to 460-600 MHz and system become sluggish.
    5. Close Groove Music and observe clock jump back up (closing other apps has little impact).
  • Definitely still a problem in 14393.187.

  • I currently have the same problem on build 14393.187 using an i7 SP4. I have found that I need to use Task Manager to end Edge something like every 3 to 5 minutes with my browsing to keep the machine usable - otherwise when the CPU is throttled down, the entire machine crawls. I have submitted to the Feedback Hub under feedback-hub:?contextid=402&feedbackid=e68c1062-9651-432c-a369-172af135200a&form=1&src=2

  • Still a problem in 14393.222.

  • I just saw this exact behavior with Edge just a few mins ago. I woke my Surface Book from sleep after being off all night. Opened Edge to start reading a couple of news sites. Everything was super crazy slow. Looked at taskmgr and the CPU was capped at about 0.75 ghz. Exited Edge and the CPU started bouncing up to the 3ghz range regularly as expected and the machine was fast again. I’m running 10.0.14393 that was fully patched as of yesterday afternoon.

    My Surface Book doesn’t reliably sleep and I get “hot bag syndrome” a lot. Only Hibernate works reliably. I’ve been wondering if the Hyper-V role has anything to do with these issues.

  • I also observe this behavior on my SB i5 8GB 128GB. Happens even though the ‘Turn on fast startup’ checkbox in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > System Settings is unchecked. Also enabled Hyper-V Platform to no avail.

  • I also have this problem on my SP4, whole windows is laggy

  • I have this issue too, on Groove Music and Edge.

  • This appears to still be happening in 15007

  • I´ve got the same Problem on my Surface Book aswell (i5,128gb,oldgen). This totally ruins my experience and makes the device unusable. Is there any Workaround or fix available?

  • SP4 Version: 1607 Build: 14393.726
    Playing media in Edge causes my cpu to stay under 1Ghz and usually .5. On YouTube, setting VP9 to Always On seemed to remedy this issue when it took advantage of the codec.
    Groove Music however is causing the same issue. I’m a programmer, I need my music.

  • Just tried using Groove via As soon as I start playing music my cpu throttles to 0.5 Ghz. I actually replicated the behavior in IE and Chrome. I really don’t want to even speculate on what’s going on here. As interesting as I’m sure it will be to learn how media playback is coupled to processor clock speed, it’s currently quite frustrating.

    My workaround, my phone. It’s a 950XL, I wonder if its clock speed is also affected.

  • Same behavior can be seen when watching streams on - CPU locked to 0.53-0.8GHz and never go above this point until I close Edge.

  • I see the same thing on my surface book, which was replaced due to the same issue!

  • Creators Update will be released on April, 11. I wonder if this bug already fixed on Insider builds. If not, I’m so disappointed in Windows again.

  • Can someone confirm if this bug is still relevant?

  • Still a problem for me with Creator’s Update.

  • I did not had the problem since the update

  • It’s happening under very heavy workload only on Surface Pro 4 now on Creators Update. Still waiting for a full fix on this bug.

  • Still experiencing this issue with Version: 1703 Build: 15063.296
    @Josh P. Can you please share an update or fix?

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