URL constructor origin "null" for all non http(s) uris

Fixed Issue #8644531


Patrick K.
Aug 25, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

execute the following javascript

new URL(‘ftp://example.com’).origin

note the result

Originally reported by Andrew Betts on twitter (https://twitter.com/triblondon/status/768705390691307520), all other compliant browsers return "ftp://example.com", as per specification. We only return an origin for http and https uris. Blob, WebSocket, FTP, File, SSH, gopher, and any other URI mentioned in the URL Standard results in “null” being returned.

As noted by Ada Rose Edwards (https://twitter.com/Lady_Ada_King/status/768725459555278849) in that thread, this is particularly egregious because we are returning "null’ - not a literal null, but a string with the value “null” , which is truthy.


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