Opening F12 for a second time with Inspect Element Renders it at the DPI of the Primary Monitor instead of Active Monitor

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Bryan C.
Aug 26, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

To reproduce use a device with primary monitor set to 200% DPI and external monitor set to 100% DPI (in my case, I’ve plugged a standard resolution external monitor into a Surface Book).

  1. Open Edge and move it to the 100% DPI external monitor
  2. Right click an element and click “Inspect Element” to launch docked F12 tools.
  3. Close F12 tools.
  4. Right click an element and click “Inspect Element” a 2nd time to launch docked F12 tools.

The tools will launch, but will be rendered at 200% even though the monitor’s DPI is set to 100%. The tabs will also not render properly, getting cut off as they’ll only be given enough vertical room for 100% DPI.

See attached screenshot or click here:


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Comments and activity

  • In further testing I’ve found that switching tabs and switching back fixes it… even though closing the F12 tools and re launching them doesn’t.

  • Scratch that… switching edge tabs while F12 tools are open in one of the tabs occasionally triggers it, and occasionally fixes it.

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