appendChild/insertBefore for DocumentFragment returns an object with no keys and prototype instead of DocumentFragment

Confirmed Issue #8701828 • Assigned to Sanket J.


Aug 30, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

Test case:

var a = document.createDocumentFragment();
var b = document.createDocumentFragment();
var res = b.appendChild(a);
console.log(res === a); // false
console.log(Object.getPrototypeOf(res)); // null
console.log(Object.keys(res)); // []

Expected res is equals to a, but object with no keys and prototype returns. This object also can’t to be a WeakMap key and throws an exception.

var map = new WeakMap();
map.set(res, 123); // WeakMap.prototype.set: 'key' is not an object

The same is for insertBefore method and Element as destination.
Reproduced on Microsoft EdgeHTML 14.14393, but I also saw it before upgrade from 13 to 14.


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