Access local web files via Microsoft Edge extension

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Eduard K.
Sep 2, 2016
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Recently we migrated a Chrome extension to Microsoft Edge. We face only one problem. Extension should interact with webpages, that works fine with online webpages but not with local files.

Chrome offers for this situation permission called <all_urls> and then you have to check it as Allow access to file URLs. We tried to use <any url> permission that we found on Microsoft support page, but without any result. We would like to interact with any webpage, not specific one.

From stackoverflow thread , we got answer from your SW engineer, that this is not supported at the moment and we were suggested to report it here.

Can you at least provide us information where is this feature planned?


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    • Hi what is the update with this, just to add i too am using a chrome extension and in my manifest permissions section i have the following
      "permissions": [“tabs","file:///","http:///", "https:///*”],
      In the chrome extension we have the checkbox "Allow access to file URL’s", with this i can access a local configuration file, I would like the same in Edge.

      Many Thanks

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