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Noah B.
Sep 3, 2016
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Hello, there is a common frustrating experience when using Microsoft Edge as shown in the attached file. In the preview mode, there is a semi-transparent grey bar blocking the top half inch of the document…for seemingly no reason. I can’t right click to remove it, I can’t wait a few seconds for it to go away, and I can’t find any other way to remove it. It’s frustrating and I can’t think of any reason this should be part of the user experience.

Can anyone send me an explanation and tips for how to avoid it? It honestly makes me completely prefer using Chrome. It’s that much of a difference maker.

Happy to hear thoughts and hopefully there is a solution.



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  • Microsoft Edge Team

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  • This is done by design and if you click anywhere inside the document it will go away. This is essentially “on demand” and again is done on purpose.

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