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Jonny L.
Sep 8, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

Official status says webm with VP9 is supported: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/platform/status/webmcontainer/

Sample VP9 / webm doesn’t work for Microsoft Edge 39.14915.1000.0 (Microsoft EdgeHTML 14.14915)
Step 1: goto http://base-n.de/webm/VP9%20Sample.html
Step 2: Notice it says ‘invalid source’


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

      Changed Assigned To to “Venkat K.”

      Changed Status to “By design”

    • Microsoft Edge has limited VP9 support.  We’ve updated the platform status page to clarify exactly what is supported.  Currently, VP9 is only supported by MSE sources.  The repro page uses a progressive source, which is not supported by Edge.  Also, VP9 playback requires hardware acceleration.  However, you can override the hardware acceleration requirement in about:flags.

      All the best,

      The MS Edge Team

    • Can you change your “design” to make WebM videos work properly?

      99% of the WebM videos I encounter on the web can’t be played in Edge but work fine in other browsers.

      I find it very misleading when you say you support WebM and VP9, when in fact you only support it in some theoretical scenarios rarely encountered on the real Web.

      But call me crazy, let’s ask html5test.com what they think about the Edge WebM support:

      WebM with VP8 support
      No ✘
      WebM with VP9 support
      No ✘
      WebM with Vorbis support
      No ✘
      WebM with Opus support
      No ✘

      In other words, 100% fail.

      Either implement WebM and the associated codecs properly, or stop claiming you support them.

      Tested on the Anniversary Update with the Opus and VP9 flags enabled.

    • Yes, I agree with Vladimir:

      “Either implement WebM and the associated codecs properly, or stop >>claiming you support them.”

      And, the sad news is that it has become crystal-clear to me that you (Microsoft) have NO INTENTION of ever supporting WebM/VP9 in
      a fashion compatible with the rest of the industry.

      One ‘answer’ I saw from an Edge team member said to monitor here:
      According to that, it claims:
      “Webm container” -> supported
      “VP9 video playback” -> supported
      “Opus audio playback” -> supported
      [ Cool…that was easy! Just IMPLY that you implemented WebM compatibly. ]

      @Brad E: There is no such thing as ‘limited’ support for VP9.
      Either you do or you don’t. And, you DON’T ! ! !

      I’ve got to hand it to you though…you folks still ARE the masters of deceit, when it comes to claiming support for open standards.

      But keep it up…it seems to be working so far. Only a relative handful
      of us are really noticing your obfuscations. In another six months
      or so, we’ll all probably just give up and move on. [ My father-in-law
      had the perfect retort for situations like this: just tell yourself “Hell, I didn’t want it anyway!” He was right…saying that DOES make me feel a bit better. ]

      The most disturbing part of this mess is that Microsoft has yet to state that they plan to rectify the issue. Stay tuned…

    • Many sites use Webm without MSE, and both Chrome and Firefox works well on those sites, except Edge.

    • I agree with the other posters. When I do a google/bing search for “webm Microsoft Edge” all the top results tell me something about webm being supported. I think, okay great, and try to actually view a webm in Edge and it doesn’t work. I think there needs to be clarification why a webm file cannot be played.

      Instead of “Invalid Source” maybe you guys should be honest and say “Please use Google Chrome if you want to view this file” whenever a non-MSE source is used.

    • A year ago I was only hitting this issue very rarely, when visiting some obscure sites.

      But this is becoming more and more annoying by the day, as more and more sites stop using Flash based video players and switch to HTML 5 video playback using WebM, where I’m greeted with the lying message from Edge “Invalid Source”

      No, Microsoft, it’s not an invalid source. It’s an unsupported source in an invalid browser. You really don’t want Edge to be successful, do you Microsoft?

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