Unable to load captions cross-domain with <track>

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Bradley B.
Sep 10, 2016
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  • Internet Explorer
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Steps to reproduce

Closed captions / subtitles via the <track> element on a <video> element do not work cross domain. We are using the <track> element. The files on the other origin return the proper Access-Control headers.

Some background on how other browsers handle it:
All other browsers on all platforms seem to display captions with no problems. This includes Mac/Safari, iOS/MobileSafari, Mac/PC/Chrome/Firefox…

To reproduce:

  1. Point your favorite browser at: https://util01.myodp.org/test/ie-cc-video-test.html
  2. Watch captions work everywhere except IE


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    • My own comment… I was there with MS at the inception of closed captioning for web video, MS used SAMI files for closed captions, everything worked great. The standards have moved forward, between TTML and WebVTT. And all the other browsers are working pretty well for closed captions. It’s such a shame that MS lost their way for this issue of accessibility, it used to be a key concern but apparently no longer.

      Play out of closed captions via VTT or TTML files should not require any more hoops to jump through than the video file itself. If the browser can render video from a server, it should be able to render the caption file from the same server.

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