Inconsistent ordering of lostpointercapture and pointerout/leave for touch between Edge and Chrome

Issue #8974782 • Assigned to Andrew B.


Ted D.
Sep 19, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

Current Chrome (55.0.2865.0): pointerup lostpointercapture pointerout pointerleave
Edge: pointerup pointerout pointerleave lostpointercapture
Spec (and tests) should say which it should be.
One benefit of the Chrome model is that it’s consistent with what web developers would expect for a hovering pointer (like mouse).

Just to add when using button like in this example:
Edge does generate the same order of the events as Chrome. However in this example which the element is div what Rick said happens. has probably always done it this way for touch, so that in theory could be more web compatible.

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