Typekit Fonts Do Not Load

Issue #9067696 • Assigned to Christian F.


Sep 26, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create typekit kit with fonts to be used.
  2. Add URL of website you are going to, in the typekit kit’s settings.
  3. Add typekit scripts to website and add fonts to stylesheet.
  4. Test on non-remote browser to ensure fonts are loading (make sure the fonts are not also on your computer already).
  5. Open URL on remote IE browser (through Microsoft Remote Desktop).

After doing this, the fonts do not load. They do work in IE on a virtual machine, but through Microsoft’s Azure RemoteApp platform (in Microsoft Remote Desktop). Not sure if some proxy business is happening where the URL verified by typekit is different, or if downloading fonts is disabled. Having access to typekit fonts is a critical need for us to ensure the website is displaying correctly.


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