Input event fired infinitely on text inputs causing browser to crash

Issue #9075186 • Assigned to Aparna P.


Mohammad K.
Sep 26, 2016
This issue is public.
Found in
  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

Navigate to this JSBin demo:,js,output

Notice that input event is being fired infinitely causing the browser to get stuck and eventually crash.


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    Comments and activity

    • This seems to be the case when adding the input event listener to the document.body and not directly to the input

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Ibrahim O.”

      Changed Assigned To to “Travis L.”

      Changed Assigned To to “Bogdan B.”

      Changed Assigned To to “Travis L.”

      Changed Status to “Confirmed”

      Changed Assigned To from “Travis L.” to “Aparna P.”

      Changed Status from “Confirmed”

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