API Call 'tabs.reload' is not supported in Edge

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Emmanuel S.
Sep 28, 2016
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chrome.tabs.reload is not (yet) supported in EDGE extension (background).

It makes background job more complex than it should (but still feasible).
On extension installation, if you need to execute content scripts in tabs already loaded, and since the content_scriptsproperty is not applied on existing tabs, you have to query tabs and manually execute scripts (everything asynchronously, else that does not work).

Any reason EDGE does not support reload method?

Here is how we solved lack of reload method:

function executeScript(tabsArray, contentScripts, callback, j, k)
    if (j===undefined) j=0;
    if (k===undefined) k=0;

    if (j>tabsArray.length) {

        {file:contentScripts[k], runAt:"document_idle"},
            if (k+1===contentScripts.length)
                executeScript(tabsArray, contentScripts, callback, ++j, 0);
            else executeScript(tabsArray, contentScripts, callback, j, ++k);

function reloadTabs(i)
    // EDGE : It seems array of urls for query is not implemented... we need to check each url pattern
var webmailsPatterns=[<your patterns list> eg "https://microsoft.com/*",...];

    try {
        if (i===undefined)
        if (i<webmailsPatterns.length)
            chrome.tabs.query({"url":webmailsPatterns[i]}, function(tabsArray) {
                var contentScripts=[
                    "contentScriptsAPIBridge.js", // If it's a "chrome bridged extension"
                    executeScript(tabsArray, contentScripts, function() {reloadTabs(i+1);});
                else reloadTabs(i+1);                   
        else chromeTabsReloaded=true;
    } catch (e) {
        console.error('Exception reloading tabs after onInstalled event',e);


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    • Mistake in my sample code :
      var contentScripts=[
      "contentScriptsAPIBridge.js", // If it’s a “chrome bridged extension”

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      Changed Status to “External”

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