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Destiny J.
Sep 29, 2016
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I updated to windows 10, and once I did that, I was no longer able to print PDF files through internet explorer. So I would save the PDF file and open it in Edge. From there I was able to print. NOW since I updated my computer this morning, even opening the PDF in Edge, and pressing the print button…gets 0 response from my printer. What should I do now? Ive tried looking up how to fix it, and I can only find issues that aren’t like mine.


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    • Okay, I find out how to solve this problem. I went into printers and devices, right clicked on the printer, and “printer properties” then “advanced” and then switched from “print directly to printer” to "Spool print documents, so program finishes printing faster"… The only issue is…the reason I switched to “print directly to printer” is because while I was in Word…and would choose to print 20 items instead of 1…it would only print 1 item. So what should I do now? Am I cursed to keep switching the choice back and forth, depending on whether I’m printing a PDF or printing multiple documents from Word??? What should I do?

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    • I would recommend contacting the printer manufacturer / vendor and ensuring that drivers are up to date. There is a possibility that they are aware of these bugs.

      If the drivers are up to date, ask their support team if they are aware of these issues. If both of these fail, we can try to look into it via the issue tracker here, but we will need traces, screenshots, videos and lots of other supplemental information before it can be considered actionable.

      Updating the drivers in case there is a known issue / bug with the printer software would seem to make the most sense to me.

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