Detaching tabs is too sensitive

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Steven J.
Oct 1, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

  1. ‘Throw’ mouse to the top of the screen when the browser is maximized and click on the desired tab. This can result in a short click-drag operation, which is quite common when selecting tabs rapidly.
  2. The selected tab detaches and opens in a new window.

The intended action was just to select the tab, rather than detaching it. In fact, no click-drag operation should be possible which can drag the tab ‘beyond’ the browser window since it is maximized.

Possibly mouse movement outside of the monitor space is tracked, whereas it should hit the boundary of the screen instead? A fix could be making sure mouse movement outside of the available screen space is not dragged, thus preventing it from being recognized as a long drag operation.


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    • I found a similar issue on Feedback Hub and added my details to it. For those interested this issue can be found on (if this link works): feedback-hub:?contextid=351&feedbackid=5392b9fc-893e-406b-b100-50d364ec74cc&form=1&src=2 The name is: “Too easy to move tabs out of edge”

      I have used Feeback before, and must say I am not too pleased with it. It is, however, an improvement over Microsoft Connect (, but still do not see why a more traditional bug reporting platform is put in place (as it is here).

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