Build 14942 Broken - No Login Field on Lock Screen

Issue #9265218


Scott H.
Oct 9, 2016
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So i am in the fast ring for insider preview Windows 10… I have been working for 2 days to get my laptop rebuilt… i had to run a complete HP Restore which took me back to windows 8… This damn build 14942 is the worst build ever… Thanks Microsoft!!! How the hell am i supposed to get back to windows 10 now without paying you $150.00 Bucks to buy Windows 10? My laptop ran fine until Build 14942 rolled out… could not even login… no login field… completely missing… i even did a windows refresh… but it just reinstalled 14942 again and the same issues were there… Please have a Microsoft engineer email me to get back to Windows 10 Anniversary edition without having to pay you… UGH!!!


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    • Whilst I agree that 14942 has a few issues which will mean I’ll be reverting to the previous build. Reinstalling Windows 10 on a computer that at any time in the past has had 10 legitimately installed and activated (even if you’ve formatted or changed your hard drive) should cause no issues with activation as the activation is against your MS account on your computer. Have a look at < >. Choose the download tool and make an iso if you want. When it comes to activating skip or choose I have no activation No, or words to that effect. Your installation will automatically activate when you log in with your MS account. Failing that a phone call to MS activation dept. for your country will allow the operator to give you a one off No to enter into the activation field, you will need to follow their instructions closely though, I’ve not activated 10 in this way but I have successfully re activated 8.1 over the phone with no issues. Hope this helps.

    • For some reason this link was knocked of my first reply; have a look at

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    • Thank you for the feedback on Win 10 Insider program and we are sorry to hear about these issues you have encountered with this build.

      There are known risks to running beta / pre-release software on PC’s. It looks like this is a known issue with this build and we have a fix in place to fix this in future builds.

      All the best,
      The MS Edge Team

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