IE11 (11.00.27) High Memory Usage

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Oct 13, 2016
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Hello Team,

We are using IE11 with update version 11.00.27 for application testing. When we run the application’s iteration/transaction in IE11, browser memory usage increase rapidly. We checked the snapshot where memory utilization is very minimum (Attached the screenshot for reference).
Also while used Chrome browser for testing it used very minimum memory.

In IE11(11.00.27) when application start browser memory reached to ~130MB. After first iteration/transaction it reached to 280MB. after this for each transaction completion memory size increase by 60MB.

We are not able to analyze or check the browser memory content. Also why it is not running gc. because when we capture snapshot it shows data with gc.

So our issue here is

  • How can we minimize the browser memory size
  • How to get and analyze IE11 browser memory.
  • Is there any specific tool which can used to check IE11 performance more deeply other than Developer Tool


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