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Shirley C.
Oct 13, 2016
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I have tried to give Edge a chance. I had it all set up with my favorites from my previous browser. Today, opened Edge got a welcome to Edge message and everything was gone. All my favorites. My favorites bar… everything. I tried setting it up again. I can’t drag and drop folders from my previous menu bar that I imported. It is just not very user friendly. I think I’ll just give up on it rather than have to individually add every bookmark I had in folders on my bookmark bar. I have no idea why it dumped everything I had set up and it is very frustrating that I can’t just drag and drop things to the bookmark bar as I can on every other browser. I’m done with Edge until it becomes more user friendly. I spent an hour trying to set it up for a SECOND time and it isn’t worth it.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Ibrahim O.”

      Changed Status to “By design”

    • Thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear that you are having issues with MS Edge. You should be able to import favorites from other browsers under “Favorites settings” and we are actively working on new features on MS Edge to provide our customers better user experience including favorites. Additionally, we always welcome the new ideas and suggestions so please login to our Windows Feedback app (Steps below) and feel free to file your suggestion so others can review your suggestion and vote it up! 

      Use the Windows Feedback app to tell us which features you love, which features you could do without, or when something could be better.

      1. Go to Start Windows Start icon, enter the phrase Windows Feedback, then select Windows Feedback.
      2. See if someone else has given similar feedback by entering the topic, such as Microsoft Calendar.
      3. If you find similar feedback, select it, add any details, then select Upvote.
      4. To narrow your search to a specific category, pick the category that most closely matches your feedback (so it gets to the right people quickly). For example, for feedback about the Calendar app, select Apps > Calendar.
      5. If you don’t find any similar feedback, select Add new feedback (In your case you select suggestion option), and choose a topic from Select a category and then Select a subcategory.
      6. Enter your feedback (the more details the better!), add a screenshot if you can, and you’re done.

      Best regards,
      The MS Edge Team

    • [Public comment from customer Tristan L.sccpstevetristan@gmail.com:]

    • [Public comment from customer Tristan L.sccpstevetristan@gmail.com:]

    • Hi Ibrahim,

      I don’t think you understood the problem posted above.

      problem id Microsoft edge is not keeping the favorites we saved, after a windows updates or something whole thing on Edge gets reset.

      Now tell me how do I recover the old bookmarks I had MS Edge on the same machine?


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