Add support for HTML5's <menu> (contextmenu)

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Simeon V.
Oct 18, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
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  • Opera
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Internet Explorer and Edge do not support the HTML5 context menu elements.

As a web developer, I want to create custom context menu entries in order to provide my users with advanced controls without having to completely disable the default context menu.

At the moment, if I want to give users custom context menus I have to listen for contextmenu events, call event.preventDefault() to prevent the default menu from appearing, and create a custom context menu in JS/HTML/CSS. Unfortunately, this prevents the user from leveraging any standard “right-click” behavior such as "View source", "Select all", or “Ask Cortana.” HTML 5’s context menu provides the best of both worlds: allow site-specific behaviors while preserving the user’s standard UI controls.

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