Browser action panel size is wrong if the content is wider than 800 pixels

Confirmed Issue #9550318 • Assigned to Irfan A.


Wladimir P.
Oct 27, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce

  1. Unpack the extension from attached ZIP file and load it in Edge.
  2. Click the extension’s browser action (the one saying “Browser width test”).

Expected results

Browser action panel opens and displays the text without any scrolling.

Actual results

Browser action panel opens with a vertical scrollbar. This doesn’t happen if you set the document width explicitly, e.g. via <body style="width: 600px;">. It seems that Edge doesn’t enforce any document width when calculating the panel height, yet it sets document width to 800 pixels when actually displaying it. So this is similar to the Firefox bug which was fixed recently.


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  • Microsoft Edge Team

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