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illy M.
Oct 27, 2016
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As I see Edge is not supported on server 2016 as it is LTSB
Can it be used (with WebDriver) on Nano as it is a CBB version?
Info from here:
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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “By design”

    • Unfortunately not, Edge is not available on server 2016 at all.  If you want to use Edge you must use a Win 10 Desktop install of some kind.

      All the best,
      The MS Edge Team

    • If Firefox have LTSB version, I believe that Microsoft can manage to make an Edge LTSB version as well…

    • I agree with illy M.

      You really need to push Edge every bit you can. It’s mind-boggling why on a Microsoft product, the latest browser is not available even as an option. There’s absolutely zero ways to get it on a Windows Server 2016 machine. Absurd.

    • I agree! Just noticed myself, as we need to be able to test Edge with an inhouse application, and we need to back-date the system. So, really a RDS server was the only option. Not being able to have EDGE… seriously… words cannot express…

    • Microsoft just announced that Edge browser is coming to iOS and Android, but it’s not yet available on Windows Server. What kind of logic is that?
      If Edge runs on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 shares the Core with Windows 10, Edge browser should be available there as well, it’s really no rocket science.

    • EMET is EOL as of July 2018 because Microsoft feels the EDGE browser removes the need. EDGE browser isn’t supported/won’t run on Windows Server 2016. What is the appropriate solution for Citrix-type shared desktop solutions? As far as I can tell, there is none.

    • This is really pity.
      Microsoft has with Windows 10 the vision of continue your work on any device, but missing Edge on Windows Server 2016 - even not offering a CBB Version where this could be possible is very bad.

    • So disappointed… I love using my Edge browser and now I have to resort to the competition with Firefox or Chrome. Now my Favourites won’t carry over and it makes it a pain to recreate separate links to resources at each server. Microsoft stop being a follower and be a leader again! If you fall behind you have to push to lead again. I know you’ll find a way to bring Edge to Server 2016… just hope you are listening.

    • So how should Edge be presented through remote desktop services?

    • Edge is not available on the server because the server OS does not have the components it needs. Primarily no UWP support.

      ‘Edge’ is on iOS & Android because it uses the platform’s WebView controls, which means it uses the default browser engine on those platforms. It is just a wrapper around the web view to help sync favorites, reading list etc.

      I hope this helps everyone out. I know there are times you need to download something while remoting into a server, but you should really think about that first from a security perspective, just sayin…

    • That is great and all, Chris, but what are you supposed to do when it is a remote desktop session host and the executives are demanding that you deliver the same applications that the users have on the desktop?

    • I would explain server operating systems are not designed to be workstations :) Do they demand the same apps on their car dashboard OS? Would they run a server OS on a POS or ATM? Would they use a server OS on their TV? Would you try to do your day to day work on a TV or car dashboard OS?

      Understand intended use context.

    • I will re-ask - with EMET going EOL, what is the solution in a multi-user/Citrix/RDS scenario? Apparently, it is to move to Chrome.

    • Chris L.: the thing is IE is available on Windows Server and this is a dead browser that will surely one day disappear from Windows Server. What happens then? And how much longer do Windows Server users need to rely on a dead browser?

    • Chris L. Your assumption that there is “no UWP support.” is wrong.
      Windows Server 2016 have a fully working UWP Framework, it’s just don’t have the the Microsoft Store and other Apps preinstalled.

    • Chris, I think you need to research the remote desktop session host feature in Windows server 2016. Servers are intended to be used as desktop hosts. There’s no need to go on irrelevant tangents about car computers. And as pointed out, you’re also incorrect about uwp support on Windows server.

    • Jordon,

      Sorry you believe that.
      UWP is not available on Windows Server.

      My analogies are to make a point you should use an OS designed for the use case. Servers, in general do not include a UI. You typically remotely manage them through an 'API’. In the old days it was telnet, etc. You know, command line fun!

      Also realize the server world is quickly changing to containers and serverless, which have no UI. Do you see where I am going?

      So using your logic I should use WIndows 10 as a server and WIndows Server as my desktop OS I guess :)

    • Chris L. You misleadingly named the link “UWP is not available on Windows Server.” but if you click on it and read its content you will see that it depict exactly what I wrote above so let me repeat it:
      “Windows Server 2016 have a fully working UWP Framework, it’s just don’t have the the Microsoft Store and other Apps preinstalled.”

      Regarding your no UI comment, we are not talking about adding Edge to Windows Server Core installation but to a “Desktop Experience” installation

    • I think that we are all victims of MSFT’s marketing strategy … complain all you want,
      but in the end, MSFT will add it to SV2016 when they are **** good and ready.

    • Now - MS released Windows Admin Center ( which supports ONLY Edge, Chrome and FF) when we use Management server (RD Host) for managing servers we need install Chrome or FF to server.

    • Why are we using an outdated browser that is not even secure on a server?! I bet they’ll put it on Windows Server 2019!

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