Refresh on "This page is having a problem loading" warning page reloads the warning

Confirmed Issue #9635121 • Assigned to Darryl B.


Kagami R.
Nov 2, 2016
This issue is public.
Found in
  • Microsoft Edge
Found in build #
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Break Edge intentionally:
    a. Click the break button
    b. Click ‘Recover webpage’ button
    c. If the warning page does not appear then return to 1-a.
  2. Click refresh button
  3. See whether Edge loads the original page or the warning page


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Comments and activity

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Ibrahim O.”

  • Thank you for the feedback. I see the page reloads to original page with no error or warning message. Could you please let us know what you expect to see and your actual result?

    The MS Edge Team

  • Hi Ibrahim,

    I’m seeing Edge reloads acr_error.htm rather than my expected jsfiddle page. F12 console says HTML1300: Navigation occurred. acr_error.htm when I click refresh button, where the acr_error.htm is an Edge asset page. (asserts/errorpages/acr_error.htm)

    Do you mean this is fixed on your internal newer build?

  • I’m seeing same thing on build 14959.

    I also tried reproducing this on mobile build 14393 but failed because it never shows recovery dialog even when a page needs to be recovered.

  • Hello Kagami,

    I have tested on the same build but still not repro. Please see the attached screen capture and let me know if I am missing something in the repro steps.

    Best regards,
    The MS Edge Team

  • You should repeat your step at least three times to meet the “warning page” instead of "warning dialog". I’ll post a screen capture if needed.

  • Hello Kagami,

    Thank you for the update. I see the issue you are referring to now. 

    All the best,
    The MS Edge Team

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Christian F.”

    Changed Assigned To to “Venkat K.”

    Changed Assigned To to “Dave B.”

    Changed Assigned To from “Dave B.” to “Bruce M.”

    Changed Assigned To from “Bruce M.” to “Warren S.”

    Changed Assigned To from “Warren S.” to “Nadia F.”

    Changed Status to “By design”

  • Changed Status from “By design”

  • What do you mean by "By design"?

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

    Changed Assigned To from “Brad E.” to “Nadia F.”

    Changed Status to “Confirmed”

    Changed Assigned To from “Nadia F.” to “Darryl B.”

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