Regex special-casing removed from WebIDL

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Tobie L.
Nov 4, 2016
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Heads-up that we’ve stopped special casing Regexp in the WebIDL spec as of

Here’s a diff of what that looks like in the rendered HTML spec:

That means that the following algorithms now allow regexes in places where they previously didn’t:

  1. to convert an ES value to a dictionary:
  2. to convert an ES value to a sequence:
  3. to convert an ES value to a union type (step 5 and 11):
  4. the substeps of step 11 of the overload resolution algorithm:

There are also some modifications to the section on User objects implementing callback interfaces:

I opened an issue against web-platform-tests’s testharness to account for these changes:

Please raise any concerns by opening an issue against the spec:



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