Windows 10 Mobile: Using Text Scaling and META Tag ViewPort create unpredictable zoom text not aligned with the Text Scaling value

External Issue #9683845


Christopher S.
Nov 5, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

Using any Wikipedia article can repro this issue.
So does using Disqus comment section, where every level of reply gets a bigger and bigger font size.

When using both a viewport meta tag and Text Scaling on Windows Mobile, you get a non-predictable page canvas. Pinch to zoom out on Wikipedia to see it for yourself.

Then, observe that the various font are scaled up, but not proportionally to the expected amount, usually much more! For example, on Disqus comments, each level of reply gets bigger font size, whereas one would expect all level of reply to be the same font size without text scaling enabled.

If you disable the meta tag completely (remove it from the page), then the rendering is much more pleasant and usable.

I suspect something is fishy in how Text Scaling interacts with the viewport, which would influence the Meta Tag result.

I can post a stripped down repro page if requested.


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    • Thank you for the feedback, the issue is known and already tracked in our database.

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