A Content Editable Span inside a Link doesn't allow you to select the text to edit

Confirmed Issue #9747865 • Assigned to Grisha L.


Nov 10, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:

See my example here: https://jsfiddle.net/uyz1g3um/2/

Which has the following HTML:

<a href="#">
        <span contenteditable="true">Try to select the middle of this text with your mouse to edit Firefox</span>
<br /><br />

<span contenteditable="true">
  <a href="#">This works in Firefox</a>

Actual results:

If I click on the first link to edit the text, it only places the cursor at the beginning (or end), I can’t place it midway.

Expected results:

I should be able to click the text midway like the second example. This works in Chrome, IE11
Broken in: Edge and Firefox


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