email account remains logged in on IE11 even after deleting all Browser History

By design Issue #988336


Oct 24, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

  1. go onto homepage
  2. login into email with a dummy email account
  3. go back onto homepage, your username will show on top right hand corner
  4. delete browsing history … click Tools > Delete Browsing History > tick all delete options and click Delete > confirm Delete
    5a. Refresh the yahoo homepage, on top right hand corner, your username will still be there (we’re still signed in?)…
    5b. if you click on the email icon, you can still browse the email
    5c. click on your username and click Signout… now you are actually signed out.
    Deleting the history did nothing before, but by manually clicking signout it did.

Other sites implementing their user login system will be affected the same way on IE. Does not do this on Chrome. Please fix urgently.

Expected Results:

When all delete browsing history options are ticked,
all browser history files, temp files, cookies, cached items / sessions be deleted.
Any existing sessions should be invalidated/deleted from cache, otherwise it defeats it’s purpose and others can still use the account.

Actual Results:

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