Internet explorer 11 window.getSelection().toString() will display inline JavaScript as part of the text node

Fixed Issue #989382


Oct 24, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

You need to have a body of text with one or multiple javascript tags intermingled which have some code in them, not the ones that reference a url. Have a JS that gets the selection and displays it somehow. Select the text make sure to get one of the script tags with your selection, although it’s invisible and see the results.

See this fiddle for a working example and select some text from both paragraphs at the same time:

Expected Results:

Only return visible text in the selection.

Please note that all browsers behave the “wrong” way (like Internet Explorer) if before .toString() you also .getRangeAt(0) on the selection but return proper visible text only when directly converting the selection object to string.

Actual Results:

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