Edge Extension - browser.runtime.openOptionsPage - Object expected

Issue #9929926 • Assigned to Akshay P.


Maxime R.
Nov 23, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

When I use chrome.runtime.openOptionsPage() in my background page it works and I get the following message:

API Call ‘runtime.openOptionsPage’ has been bridged to another Edge API: tabs.create({ url: optionsPageUrl })

But when I use browser.runtime.openOptionsPage() instead it doesn’t work and I get the following error: Object expected


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

      Changed Assigned To from “Brad E.” to “Akshay P.”

      Changed Assigned To from “Akshay P.” to “Mandeep S.”

      Changed Status to “Confirmed”

      Changed Assigned To from “Mandeep S.” to “Akshay P.”

      Changed Status from “Confirmed”

    • This API is not currently implemented. You can get latest state of implemented APIs by referring to   


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