ClickAndHold(Element) or MoveToElement(Element) doesn't work on EdgeWebDriver 14393.

Confirmed Issue #9942099 • Assigned to Clay M.


Nick L.
Nov 24, 2016
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I have try it can’t works for EdgeWebDriver.

Note: It can select the items of drop down list from item3 to item8 by using ClickAndHold method. But it can’t drop one item from drop down list to canvas (an other control ). Please reference the attachments. It works on FirefoxDriver.But it can’t work for Edge.

I have try other functions:
1.public Actions DragAndDrop(IWebElement source, IWebElement target);

2.public Actions DragAndDropToOffset(IWebElement source, int offsetX, int offsetY);

They can’t work too. Could you have a look it?

Windows 1607
WebDriver 14393

By the way.
The function can work for InternetExplorerDriver, FirefoxDriver and ChromeDriver. Please see the attachment. Thanks~


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    Changed Status to “Confirmed”

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