Edge does not support Facebook's Video Calling Feature.

Fixed Issue #9959823


Brian D.
Nov 26, 2016
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Hi I am a loyal Microsoft user that has made every effort to switch over to Microsoft products. I own a surface 3, I am a regular user of Office 365 and I use Edge as my primary browser. I have even made the effort to use the Bing search tool on my android phone along with the Cortana app. Given that, I find it incredibly frustrating when I have to ask Cortana to open Google Chrome so I may make a video call or regular call over Facebook. Considering that Facebook is the 3rd most trafficked site on the internet I would have hoped Microsoft would support one of FB’s most popular features. I really hope the hard working men and women of Microsoft will start working to support the video calling feature. This (among many other things) would make the transition to Edge much smoother. Thanks for hearing me out and I hope you all spend the holidays well!

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  • Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention! 

    With help from the Facebook team, we now have the video call feature enabled in Edge.  Please give a try and let us know if any further feedback.

    All the Best, Shijun

  • I just tried it and it didn’t work for me, in either messenger.com or facebook.com. I work for a government organisation and we were trying to use this to demonstrate Facebook spaces for our innovation centre, however it doesn’t appear to work at all for Video calls. We’re using Edge 25.

  • I converted to edge from Chrome as Edge was being promoted, but does not work with messenger messenger in fact promoted firefox and chrome and wants me to change broswers

  • I’ve been trying for the past few days. I transferred to edge because Edge defaults every time my pc gets an upgrade. Facebook instant messenger works, Grammarly works but the Video Chat for Facebook doesn’t. It rings as it should and when my friends pick up, the screen goes black for a few seconds and then drops the call. I haven’t tried skype with Edge, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it yielded the same result. this needs to be fixed.

  • this situation makes it impossible to shift to using edge browser becuase edge does not work with facebook live and has no screen share ap for video creaters and gamers the edge broswer acually suggests using chrome there is something wrong with that picture :)

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