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View the status of web platform features in Microsoft Edge (Chromium) and Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML).

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of features. We will add more features to this list over time.

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Async functions make it easy to write code which needs to "block" on certain asynchronous events JavaScript. Async/await does this by providing a simpler and more ergonomic way to use Promises. To block on a value, use the 'await' keyword. Async/await can be implemented based on a desugaring to generators, as described in the following design doc:

  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

    Supported in Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

  • Microsoft Edge

    Supported in Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML)

  • Chrome

    Shipped in Chrome

  • Firefox

    In development in Firefox

  • Internet Explorer

    Not Supported in Internet Explorer 11

  • Safari

    In development in Safari