-webkit-perspective-origin-x (#283 of 352 properties in global CSS property usage)

Used on 0.006% of scanned pages, or 1,070,510 unique URLs

This CSS usage data comes from a Bing-powered scan of 1,070,510 pages. This process detects correctly-formatted CSS properties for the browsers included in the scan. The latest data set is from October 26th, 2016. To learn more about this data, visit our FAQ page.

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2 unique instances
% 0.012% 62
px N/A
Top URLs using -webkit-perspective-origin-x
vnexpress.netIn the top 100,000
estrepublicain.frIn the top 100,000
finanztreff.deIn the top 100,000
vipabc.comIn the top 100,000
cedeo.frIn the top 100,000
pinkyparadise.comIn the top 100,000
finn-flare.ruIn the top 100,000
exxpozed.deIn the top 500,000
leasticoulddo.comIn the top 500,000
tudoradio.comIn the top 500,000
lohasnet.twIn the top 500,000
steiermark.comIn the top 500,000
elbashayeronline.comIn the top 500,000
tothemaonline.comIn the top 500,000
baniastil.comIn the top 500,000
lorddownload.comIn the top 500,000
nikon.esIn the top 500,000
misdaadjournalist.nlIn the top 500,000
seminovosunidas.com.brIn the top 500,000
pub.gov.sgIn the top 1,000,000
catholic-link.comIn the top 1,000,000
thegadgetshop.co.zaIn the top 1,000,000
weststigers.com.auIn the top 1,000,000
drk-blutspende.deIn the top 1,000,000

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