background-repeat (# of 462 properties in global CSS property usage)

Used on 43.9% of scanned pages, or 2,354,088 unique URLs

This CSS usage data comes from a Bing-powered scan of 2,354,088 pages. This process detects correctly-formatted CSS properties for the browsers included in the scan. The latest data set is from February 8th, 2017. To learn more about this data, visit our FAQ page.

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Microsoft Edge

Wait, background-repeat is used only 43.9% of the time? That can't be right.

This data is for a CSS shorthand (eg: background) which is normally expanded to the appropriate longhands by the browser's engine and placed into the CSS Object Model. In some instances this can not be done, such as when a site uses custom properties. This results in confusingly low numbers, but the data for the shorthand is actually in its appropriate longhand. Click the link below to see the data for all of the longhands that map to this shorthand.

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6 unique instances
Microsoft Edge
no-repeat N/A 78% 504,691 43.7% 381,376
repeat N/A 85.2% 551,651 6.8% 59,431
repeat-x N/A 38.7% 250,718 12.2% 106,676
repeat-y N/A 17.4% 112,784 4.7% 41,073
inherit N/A 3% 19,447 2.4% 20,670
initial N/A N/A N/A
Top URLs using background-repeat
google.comIn the top 10
facebook.comIn the top 10
youtube.comIn the top 10
baidu.comIn the top 10
amazon.comIn the top 10 the top 100
bing.comIn the top 100 the top 100
vk.comIn the top 100
twitter.comIn the top 100 the top 100
google.frIn the top 100
naver.comIn the top 100 the top 100
google.deIn the top 100 the top 100
yandex.ruIn the top 100
weibo.comIn the top 100
mail.ruIn the top 100
instagram.comIn the top 100
google.caIn the top 100
hao123.comIn the top 100
ebay.comIn the top 100 the top 100

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