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Take a look at our open source collection of showcase sites that feature the latest web platform standards and features

Web Push Notifications

Push notifications can help you achieve what apps have long been able to do. Join us as we explore how to build the front-end and back-end of a push notification.

Variable Fonts Demo | Microsoft Edge Demos

OpenType Font Variations make it possible to access multiple typefaces within a family from a single resource. Take an expedition into the typographical variety available via variable fonts

CSS Grid Paradise Puzzle

CSS Grid unlocks so many capabilities for great two dimensional layout on the web. As such, we utilized grid to create a puzzle game, how fast can you complete it?

Dolby Audio Experience

For the first time, Dolby Atmos® can be delivered through the browser on PCs and tablets. Give your users a crisp, clear, and immersive sound experience with Dolby Atmos.

Custom Properties Pooch

Beginning with EdgeHTML 15 in the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft Edge introduces support for CSS Custom Properties, a new primitive value type to fully cascade variables acr

Getting Started With PaymentRequest

Getting started with the W3C Payment Request API

Speech Synthesis Demo

Enter text and play it back as speech with different voices and settings

Family Friendly

Filter the type of content you receive in your searches

Performance Examples

A set of example pages to use for analyzing performance

asm.js Chess Battle

This demo pits identical chess engines against each other, one turbo charged for asm.js and one normal JavaScript to demonstrate the benefits of optimization.

Learn how to use WebAudio, WebGL and pointer events thanks to Babylon.js

Music Lounge is an interactive demo that showcase WebGL audio positioning within a minimalistic UI based on babylon.js

Utilization of responsive images - srcset, sizes and picture

Show how to enhance your example with responsive images

Web Note Coloring Book

Web Note is a new feature of Microsoft Edge that helps you write, draw, make notes and share web pages.

SimpleWebRTC with ORTC

Use Microsoft Edge's ORTC API and the WebRTC APIs in Chrome and Firefox to make cross-browser conference calls.

Twilio and ORTC Phone Call

Use Microsoft Edge's ORTC API and Twilio Client to place a voice call from your browser to any phone number.


New Math APIs to support high precision calculations


Test Whether Certain CSS Properties and Values are Supported

Professional Quality Video

Using Playready content protection and other APIs to produce professional quality video.

Web Audio tuner

Chromatic tuner implemented using Web Audio and Media Stream APIs


This demo allows local audio to be recorded and played. Audio is passed through Web Audio nodes that visualize the audio signals, and apply effects and filters.

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